Podcast and YouTube Channel Reviews

Here is some of the feedback that followers of our podcast and channel have shared with us.

“These are the bonds we celebrate in Star Wars. I’m so glad I found Kerwin & Keith. Fathers, sons, and the family connections in the space opera are some of the core reasons why I love Star Wars, so it’s wonderful to see it reflected in such a great pair of hosts. I love to see how much fun this show has. It’s great for everyone. Cheers!” —Alden D.

“Love everything about this!! I love everything about this pod and am so glad Mark Daniel introduced us to these guys while live on YouTube! Their love, passion, and knowledge of Star Wars bust through the speakers! Witnessing father-son bonding is such a great feeling and can’t wait to see where these guys go next!!” James J.W.

“I love Father and Son: A Star Wars Podcast. They are such amazing hosts. They make you feel so welcome. They make you feel like family. They love Star Wars so much and it shows when they talk about it.” Katie B.

“If you’re looking to start your week off with a smile, may I suggest watching or listening to a few episodes of Father and Son: A #StarWars Podcast?” —Lillian N.

“Give these guys a listen, wholesome Star Wars at its best!” —sidebarcantina

“This makes me INCREDIBLY happy! Instant fan! Good luck with the channel! I’ll be watching with great interest!”Chris R.

“Love this, looking forward to more and may the Force be with you both!” Ironick Designs

“This is so lovely. I never watched or read Star Wars, but I’ll follow this channel.” Laryssa F.

“This gave me the positive vibes I needed today both in Star Wars and in life. Much love to everyone on this cast. Is everyone in Pennsylvania this cool?” Richey Rasputin