Nassan’s Place

The Yarde family collaborates with various organizations to foster community.

Nassan’s Place is one such organization, founded by the mother of an autistic son to provide services and support to underserved communities in New Jersey.

Our producer has spoken about her experiences at Nassan’s Place-sponsored events to support and inspire other parents and families with autistic children. Tanya was one of the featured speakers invited to speak about what it’s like to raise a child on the spectrum and to encourage other mothers on their parenting journey in 2022.

2nd Annual Women Empowerment Luncheon for Autism Moms/Caregivers & Friends (2022)

Autism Moms Author Spotlight Panel (2020)

Nassan’s Place featured a group of moms who are also authors in 2020. They talked about their personal experiences raising autistic children and how they used narrative to educate larger communities about autism and parenting, as well as encourage listeners to write and tell their own stories. To view the program, click the link below.

To support Nassan’s Place, please visit