About Kerwin and Keith


A trip into Manhattan with his two best friends to see Return of the Jedi on opening weekend in 1983 is where Kerwin’s love of Star Wars began. He has lost count on how many times he has seen the original trilogy. Hooked on the space opera, he went on to watch the prequel and sequel trilogies, standalone films, and television series. In addition, his collection of Star Wars novels, comics, and movie soundtracks continue to grow. His childhood love remains with him decades later and he is more than happy to pass on his love of Star Wars to his oldest son. A movie enthusiast, and screenwriter, Kerwin puts his interests to effective use in the podcast. He conducts research, as well as prepares scripts and story beats for each episode. Kerwin lives near Philadelphia with his wife Tanya and sons Keith and Maceo.


At age 5, the Little Golden Books adaptation of the first six Star Wars films introduced Keith to a world of space fantasy. After reading the books, the padawan was ready to watch his first film with his Dad, Star Wars: A New Hope. Thus began Keith’s love of building various Star Wars LEGO models designed for children nearly twice his age. He has assembled the Obi-Wan Interceptor, Carbon Freeze Chamber, Captain Rex’s AT-TE, Darth Vader’s castle and many others. A gifted and talented elementary school student, Keith loves reading and is writing several books of his own. At age 9, Keith is an avid stop motion animator who writes, produces, and edits original shorts using his LEGO figures as action stars. He also uses his filmmaking skills to write and edit the podcast episodes. Keith lives near Philadelphia with Mom, Dad, and his younger brother Maceo.