Origins of Father and Son: A Star Wars Podcast

Kerwin and Keith Yarde never get tired of talking Star Wars.  The space fantasy binds them together as father and son.

Kerwin has been a Star Wars fan since he was twelve years old.  Keith was four when he was introduced to Star Wars through reading the Little Golden Books.  Kerwin and Keith took their fandom to a new level and created “Father and Son: A Star Wars Podcast” in March 2021.  They are excited to share their passion with an ever-growing Star Wars community via multiple streaming platforms and their YouTube channel.

“Father and Son” is a family-friendly podcast that allows people of all ages to come together, share ideas, and have a great time.  The most rewarding aspect of producing the podcast is meeting people from all over the world.  During the year, Keith and Kerwin interviewed Tom Huddleston, author of “Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space”, Producer Kanako Shirasaki and Executive Producer James Waugh of “Star Wars: Visions”, Disney veteran Mark Daniel, actor/music conductor Damon Gupton, and legendary harpist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Ann Hobson Pilot.  Their podcast was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Post, and Associated Press.  Kerwin and Keith even received a tweet from Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, sending his best wishes!

Kerwin and Keith have recorded over fifty episodes consisting of book reviews, episode breakdowns, and character studies.  “Father and Son” also features a storytime segment with Kerwin’s youngest son, Maceo, to encourage literacy and families reading together.

This podcast is a family operation.  Kerwin and Keith research and prepare the show notes.  Keith also edits each episode.  Kerwin’s wife, Tanya, produces the podcast and manages marketing and promotion.  Maceo handles the sound effects.  They are proud of what they accomplished in less than a year.  In 2022, their goal is to expand their audience.  They will continue their mission to produce informative and entertaining content, and keep their listeners and viewers engaged and excited to see what happens next with the Yarde family.