About Keith

Keith was four years old when he first discovered the world of Star Wars through the Little Golden Books adaptations of the first six films. He was immediately captivated by the stories of good versus evil, friendship, and adventure. After finishing the books, he eagerly watched Star Wars: A New Hope with his father.

Keith’s love of Star Wars only grew from there. He began building LEGO models of his favorite characters and ships, and he even started writing his own stories set in the Star Wars universe. As he got older, Keith’s passion for Star Wars led him to explore other forms of creative expression, such as stop motion animation. He now writes, produces, and edits original short films starring his LEGO figures.

Keith is a gifted and talented middle school student who is constantly finding new ways to express his love of Star Wars. He is an inspiration to other young fans of the franchise, and he is sure to continue to create amazing things in the years to come.