How Star Wars Brings Three Friends Closer Together: Father.Son.Galaxy. Exclusive


Welcome to an emotional and heartwarming episode of Father.Son.Galaxy, where we delve into the incredible friendship of three Star Wars fans, Christopher Peddy, Craig Samuel, and Kerwin Yarde. These friends have been united by their love for the franchise for nearly four decades, and through the ups and downs of life, their friendship has stood the test of time. They’ll take you on a journey through their personal and professional lives, sharing their experiences growing up in Brooklyn, their time as acolytes in the church, and the individual paths that have led them to where they are today.

Christopher Peddy is a Brooklyn-raised entrepreneur and motivational speaker who empowers individuals to lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life through his speeches and videos.

Craig Samuel is a renowned chef and restaurateur from Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, who has made numerous appearances on food shows. He is one of the founding partners of Peaches Family of Restaurants with locations throughout Brooklyn, NY.

Kerwin Yarde is a financial professional with decades of experience in the wealth management and financial services sectors. He is currently an Assistant Vice President in Investor Services for an international financial institution as a hedge fund administrator who works with high-net-worth clients. In addition to his professional pursuits, Kerwin is also the co-host of Father.Son.Galaxy, a father-and-son podcast and YouTube channel which he created to share his experiences and insights on Star Wars, Marvel, and nerd culture alongside his son Keith.

But their story is not just about reminiscing, it’s about how their shared love for Star Wars brought them closer together and how it continues to shape their friendship today. They’ll share their favorite moments as friends, and take you back to the moment they first saw Return of the Jedi at Lowes Astor Plaza. They’ll also discuss their thoughts on the future of Star Wars and the franchise’s efforts to promote diversity.

So, grab your lightsabers and join us now as we discover together the ways in which Star Wars has brought these three friends together for nearly forty years.

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