ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE: Trailer Review, Variants Breakdown, and a Virtual Surprise Birthday Party?

Last night was a blast!

Our show kicked off with a trailer reaction to Sony Pictures’ Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse. But it quickly became SO MUCH MORE.

Tanya, our producer, gave a moving reading of the trailer monologue, followed by a joyful moment shared by Tanya and Keith. Then, co-host Keith took the stage to discuss some of the characters he anticipates seeing in the upcoming film.


While answering viewer questions about Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, our livestream transformed into a celebration of Keith shared by dear friends, classmates, neighbors, fellow podcasters, and channel fans. It is a night that everyone who attended will remember, and we hope that as you view or listen, it will be memorable for you as well.

Former Lucasfilm PR Head Lynne Hale, Lucasfilm Publicity Lillian Noble, Industrial Light and Magic, Star Wars, and Stephanie Farr of the Philadelphia Inquirer were among those who wished Keith a happy birthday.


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