When father-and-son duo, Kerwin and Keith Yarde, launched Father.Son.Galaxy in March 2021, they had a goal: to create a community where generations of Star Wars and Marvel fans could come together to share ideas and have fun. Little did they know that their show would quickly become one of the most beloved podcasts and YouTube channels in the fandom.

Built on a foundation of unique, in-depth analysis of the Star Wars and Marvel narrative, characters, and their effects on both the hosts and broader ideas and topics, the show offers fans a fresh and exciting perspective on the franchise. From reactions and spoiler reviews to coverage of books and comics, the hosts dive deep into all aspects of the Star Wars and Marvel universe. And with the addition of a storytime segment featuring the family’s youngest member, Maceo, the show also raises awareness about autism and neurodiversity, encouraging literacy and families reading together.

But it’s not just the content that sets Father.Son.Galaxy apart. The show’s central feature of interviews allows the hosts to learn new things and meet new people, from movie and book industry heavyweights to local fans. And through their “Star Wars in Our Community” series, Kerwin and Keith share their love of Star Wars with local content creators. They’ve had the privilege of interviewing cast members of Star Wars: Andor, NYT bestselling author Claudia Gray, Tom Huddleston and more.

The Yardes’ impact extends far beyond their podcast and YouTube channel, as they are active in the community and participate in charitable events such as Podathon 2022 in support of the Make-a-Wish Foundation. They have been featured in publications such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, Blavity, Newsy, and many more. They are in high demand as convention participants, podcast guests, and media/press junket participants. Kerwin and Keith even received a tweet from Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, sending his best wishes.

With Kerwin and Keith researching, writing show notes, and hosting the show, and Keith editing each episode, and Tanya Manning-Yarde, PhD, producing the podcast, doing post-production, writing social copy, and managing marketing and promotion, Father.Son.Galaxy is truly a family effort. And it’s evident in the passion and love that they put into every episode.

For Star Wars and Marvel fans looking for a deeper dive into the universe they love, Father.Son.Galaxy is the ultimate destination. Don’t miss out on this dynamic and beloved show.


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